Things You Should Have In Mind Before Losing Your Virginity

Things You Should Have In Mind Before Losing  Your Virginity – for guys (or girls, I can’t decide over your life)

1. It’s not a big deal 

As a virgin, it’s really easy to overthink sex. The more you think about it, the longer it feels like it’s going to take for it to happen. If my future self build a time machine I would travel to my younger self and say “Hey, calm down about sex. It’s not such a big deal in the grand scheme of things” But I think my younger self would be disappointed that someone would travel through time just to say that though so they probably wouldn’t listen. Really though – obviously you shouldn’t rush into sex like someone who hasn’t eaten for days but making yourself crazy angsting about it isn’t just worth it.

2. It’s way better than you have imagined it though.

Orgasming with the help of another person while you also help them orgasm is a pretty unique experience. Sure you can have an orgasm all by yourself, but it’s special when it’s with someone else (or when someone else is involved). Especially if you’re deeply connected emotionally too.

3. It has a distinct smell.

It’s not really a bad smell but it’s a unique one. This one is good for all the times you’ve thought ‘I wonder if they knew we weren’t studying’. The answer is yes, yes they know you weren’t.

4. It’s not about going hard and fast 

Beyond internet and a few awkward lessons under health classes in school there’s not a lot of advanced guidance of what to do during sex. Gentle can be good too. Communicate with your partner, ask them what they like.

5. And as far as stamina is concerned, it can be too much of a good thing 

A lot of emphasis gets placed on marathon sex sessions (No, it doesn’t take all night to be intimidate with someone. It can take everything from 10 minutes to a couple of hours) and having a big penis. Especially if you have nothing to go on outside of snippets you’ve picked up from movies it seems like everything a guy has to be good at is sex. And sure, lasting longer than 30 seconds ia nice. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t jerk off every day to last 5 hours. ‘Too much of a good thing’

6. Take your time 

It’s not a race to get to the good part. Foreplay is important. Hell, for some people foreplay IS the good part. Good sex is like having three course-meal at a five star restaurant. It should be good enough of it that you don’t want it to end. Just don’t forget to take a few breaks. Don’t want you to pass out.

7. It’s okay to laugh 

Not like, constantly. But sex is viewed so seriously in medias. In reality? It’s awkward. You can’t take off your partner’s pants perfectly and you can get too much into it and knock your head on something. Dont take it so seriously 

8.  Orgasms

Some women can orgasm 5 times in just a matter of minutes. For others, it’s borderline impossible. This is another instance where having access to internet porn isn’t necessarily a great thing. No matter how good you are at sex, or how flexible you are, some people have a hard time reaching the point where they orgasm. It isn’t anyones fault at all. Just talk to each other, if they enjoy it you’re doing okay. If you stress out about your partner not orgasming they are going to start stressing out too.

9. Take protection seriously. 

This is obvious, even if you both are completely healthy and thinks you’re safe.

10. Use sex toys 

With this I don’t mean to put on a leather suit and tie your partner upside down while fucking her from the ceiling. But it can be fun to explore. Using sex toys doesn’t mean you’re bad at doing it, there’s nothing weird with it.


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