How to become a morning person

“Good morning” is an elusive, mystical trope you’ve heard of but aren’t quite sure it actually exists. Because if you’re not a morning person, the thought of greeting each day with a smile and happiness instead of a haggard grimace is impossible to even imagine. But let’s be real – there are actual morning people out there who looks just like you and me. Only maybe slightly more put together and less coffee stains on their shirts. If you aspire to be one of these evolved human beings you can follow these tips:
1. Set only one alarm 

Waking up to an alarm is just bad, but waking up with 18 alarms with barely 2 minutes between them is just a nightmare. Put yourself out of your misery and set only one alarm, and force yourself out of bed when it actually goes off. If you know there aren’t 17 backup alarms you are more likely to get out of your bed.

2. Set the alarm 15 minutes before you actually need to get up

The best way to ruin a morning (or possibly a whole day) is to be rushed getting out the door. All the questions in your head. Did you brush your teeth? Lock the door? 15 minutes extra can actually save you from running out the door with your jeans that you later realise you haven’t washed in the past month. 

3. Skip the quality time with your phone 

It’s incredible how fast 30 minutes can go when you sit in front of your phone in the morning. Don’t waste this precious time to sit with it! It’s a surefire to fall back to sleep, still all over your phone or pillow and then run late. 

4. Set coffee the night before

You remember that episode of The Office where Michael grills his foot on his grill because he wanted breakfast in bed? You can actually set up coffee the night before and attain the goal of waking up to freshly made java without risking burning your foot.

5. Eat breakfast, preferably sitting down

If you’re a staunch believer that breakfast is the most important meal of the day enjoy it even more sitting down instead of shoving it down your throat as you leave home. This is another reason to get up 15 minutes before you normally do, you can turn your breakfast into a relaxing ritual instead of “something I do only because I’m hungry”

6. Pick out your clothes the day before 

You already have a lot of decisions to make and tasks ahead of you for the day, eliminate one by doing it the day before.

7. Do some sort of hygiene routine 

Maybe you are someone who showers in the morning, or someone in the evening. It doesn’t matter. If you shower in the morning that’s amazing, you can relax (just don’t take too long). But if you’re someone who showers right before going to bed just take away 3 minutes from watching the newest updates on Instagram to wash your face and brush your teeth. You can trick yourself that it’s sort of a minispa treatment, but by the sink. 

8. Never start work in your pyjamas

If you have a work-from-home job it’s easy to start your day in your pyjamas with a huge coffee cup next to you. It can also be really tempting to just go back to bed. This is a trap; get up, eat your breakfast, shower/wash your face and get dressed. It’ll make you feel like a person, even if you don’t have to meet anyone face to face all day. 

9. Go to bed on time

Your work is done and you’ve cleaned your apartment and it’s only 11pm. Instead of binge-watching the past weeks of Doctor Who or streaming a movie (which will eventually turn into 3 movies) just go to bed. Without your phone or computer propped down next to you.


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