Things to have in mind when your partner is going down on you

1. Your partner has a limited lung capacity.

You can only sit on our faces for so long until they need to come up for air. Don’t get mad at us because we occasionally had to stop for a little breather in between going down on you. Let’s face it, making you orgasm is not more important than our life’s. Although it would be a he’ll of a way to go – suffocated in girlfriend’s pussy.

2. Tending to your secret garden is your choice.

Once you have grown up, we are not going to care about your general pubic hair. But I think we can all agree that a mouthful of pubic hair isn’t the sexiest thing you can have in bed. 

3. Feel free to guide them

Our tongue are right up your vagina and even if you are really experienced on going down on girls, you always feel self-concious. Help out by grabbing their hair, guiding them.

4. Please tap out if it’s not going to happen

If you know it in your heart that there is just no way your partner is going to make you orgasm, please tell us. Because if you are 2 hours in and the only wet thing down there are our tears, please tell us it’s not going to work.

5. Use your words

Want us to grab your butt? Touch your boobs? Why do you keep grabbing our hands and pushing them around? It can be really hard to tell down there, so if your partner doesn’t get it – talk to them. Especially when their mouth is occupied and they can’t talk.

6. Do your best not to be self-concious

Act like we’re not here, pinch your nipples, enjoy yourself. We have a common goal right here, and our tongue is currently in your vagina, we are equally as self-concious.

7. Give us a heads up if you’re about to orgasm 

We need to brave ourselves for your thighs to press against our ears and squeeze our head like a melon until we are done.


4 thoughts on “Things to have in mind when your partner is going down on you

  1. Although having a tongue in my vagina is hot, I think you mean to use the word vulva. Vagina would just be the vaginal opening, the vulva is the entire genitalia and more commonly than not, you’re spending more time licking a clit that sticking your tongue in a vagina.


  2. Number 5. I wish my wife would do number 5. I know partially they want you to just know how to do it all so they don’t have to give instructions but in the end wouldn’t a little guide to make it feel better be helpful? I think so. Anyways…number 5 🙂


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