Some facts about us Swedes

1. Swedish people stare

After a long time of constantly thinking you have a gnarly booger hanging out your nose, or that you have something on your face, you will slowly come to the realisation that it’s not you. It’s us. We stare tenaciously.

2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Avicii is God (depends on who you ask)

3. Don’t say ‘God’

Unless you are referring to Zlatan or Avicii, or else you will attract some pretty mean stares. The majority of Sweden doesnt think he exists, you are better off praying to Zlatan.

4. Swedish pizza 

Swedish pizza is a can’t miss. You’d never expect that the best pie you have ever tasted would hall just from outside the Artic Circle. Kebab style. It’s amazing

5. Cooking shows 

We love cooking shows; Masterchef, Masterchef Junior, Masterchef Masterchef. On TV 24-7

6. Sweden love their stimulants. 

  • Caffeine: Swedish coffee is crack disguised as caffeine. We consume more coffee per capita than any country in the world besides Finland. If you plan on getting your Swedish residency – be prepared to drink coffee just as much as British people drink tea. Java. Java. Java.
  • SNUS: Tobacco, chewing tobacco. Except unlike in America, it gets tucked under your upper lip. No spitters here 

7. Bruce Springsteen

We have a special connection with The Boss.

8. Colors

Black is the average Swede’s favorite color. Considering that black is not even a color, that should say something.
9. Clothing

Sweden throw down some serious cash on clothes, makeup or just style in general. Don’t come here dressed like a slob, you’ll get some stares.

10. Eggs

12 eggs will run you up $4.32. No, not the brown organic ones. The white Kentucky fried chicken version 

11. Talking

Swedes talk better English than the Americans (No offense). We have been taught English since pre-school, which means that we understand when you ask for directions and we can actually give you an answer.

12. Swedish public transport is as good as is gets. Super easy and convenient.

13. Peanut butter and jelly 

Most people have never even tasted that here – myself included. The mere idea of the combination is as repulsive sounding as fish eggs and mayonnaise in a toothpaste tube.

14. Caviar, in a tube, yes. Best served with boiled eggs too.

15. College students budget meal

Don’t have any ramen noodles? Time for spaghetti, meatballs and ketchup.

16. It’s called a Semla and while you are here you have to try it 

17. Innebandy

The sport you have never heard of, innebandy (i.e. floor hockey). It was invented 1970 in Sweden and we have our own professional league. It’s a pretty big deal

18. Nature

Allemansrätten: the freedom to roam or everyman’s right to the wilderness. Aka the greatest law ever invented for a nature lover.

19. The rumour is true. Swedish girls are beautiful and they are everywhere.

20. Swedish people are what?!

Swedish people are very hospitable and have a great sense of humour. Once you come past the Darth Vader dress code, it won’t be long until a Swede has you smiling and is offering you on a fika

21. Fika

Fika is a very important meal. It often include a cup of coffee with a sweat treat. It’s kind of like a break inbetween your job and your lunch.


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