Some facts about us Swedes

1. Swedish people stare After a long time of constantly thinking you have a gnarly booger hanging out your nose, or that you have something on your face, you will slowly come to the realisation that it’s not you. It’s us. We stare tenaciously. 2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Avicii is God (depends on who you […]

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Non-binary and photography?

The photographer named Lawrence Philomene is the kind of person who leaves us quaking with admiration; they have shot for brands like The Vogue to Netflix, but as an artist have managed to carve out their own aestethic and stayed true to it. Despite a penchant for super-bold block colors, Philomene’s portrait work has a […]

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How to become a morning person

“Good morning” is an elusive, mystical trope you’ve heard of but aren’t quite sure it actually exists. Because if you’re not a morning person, the thought of greeting each day with a smile and happiness instead of a haggard grimace is impossible to even imagine. But let’s be real – there are actual morning people […]

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Why I dislike cuddling

In certain contexts, cuddling is very nice. Next to sex, it’s a good way to be intimate with someone you like and therefore want to be close to. But it’s no secret that some people like it better than others, which is a nice way of saying that some people really despise it. For women […]

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